About the Project

BooKS boat

The BooKS-2 project is sponsored by the Ohio Board of Regents, the South East Ohio Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science and Ohio University. The project aims to enhance and broaden science, technology, math and engineering education of graduate fellows, especially under-represented groups, at Ohio University and improve their communication skills through the proposed activities. Each year, fellows will work with K-12 teachers to conduct on-boat samplings and experiments related to their research along the Ohio River from Marietta to Gallipolis; these activities will be remotely transmitted to school classrooms through inquiry-designed activities to an online virtual exploration opportunities to build a sustainable curriculum. The project will enhance understanding of graduate fellows in their research, improve communication and presentation skills using hands-on activities from the river boat to classrooms and provide professional development for teachers to enrich learning environments of high school students. All lessons plans developed through BooKS-2 align with the Ohio Resource Center standards for high school math and science.




Al Cote, BooKS Coordinator & Math Standards: SEOCEMS Coordinator
Teresa Franklin, Co-PI Instructional Technology: Professor, Educational Studies
Ralph Martin, PI -Science Standards: Professor, Teacher Education
Jeff Connor, PI-Math Content: Professor, Chair, Mathematics
Kelly Johnson, Co-PI Water Quality Researcher: Assoc Professor, Biological Sciences
Terry Chang, Co-PI: Professor, Civil Engineering
Barry Oches, BooKS evaluator: Senior Research Associate, Voinovich School
Peggy Whyte, SCOCA web support: Curriculum Integration Coordinator
Dave Diggle, Boat Captain: Assoc Director, Avionics Engineering Center
Lori Spencer, BooKS secretary and financial administrator: Accounting Specialist

K-12 Participants

Morgan County High School: Howard Troutner, Administrator

  • Karen Garner, Advanced Biology
  • Denise Raffa, Algebra and Geometry

South Point High School: Jayshree Shah, Administrator

  • Regina Kuhn, Biology, Zoology, Botany and Forensic Science
  • Alex Hunt, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry

Valley Local High School: Lori Jenkins, Administrator

  • Randy McClay, Chemistry and Physics
  • Alison Braun, Biology

Vinton County High School: Tracy Fee, Administrator

  • Troy Weaver, Science
  • Kay Casto, Mathematics

Graduate Fellows

Daniel Showalter, Math Education
Mike Smith, Math Education
Ben Elbert, Mathematics
Natalie Grentzer, Mathematics
Julie Gillam, Science Education
Marc Behrendt, Science Education
Kyle Kingma, Science
Jamie Smith, Instructional Technology
Tom Haskell, Instructional Technology
Yanhui Fang, Civil Engineering
Ying Zhong, Computer Science